Photo Triggers is a new cultural and educational tool created by Tony Othen and Jonathan Mantle using photographs to trigger questions and responses in the user.  The photographs are from thousands taken by Tony Othen for Task Force on a social action photography shoot in the north of England, the Midlands, Wales, Devon and London, almost fifty years ago.


We call this process 'Recovering community experiences’.


When Tony Othen shows some of these photographs to local schools they trigger questions and responses in children that reveal how, half a century on, one community’s experience can be recovered for the benefit of others.  Ongoing pilot studies in schools in Greater London indicate there are significant educational benefits and our aim is eventually for the tool to occupy a place in the national curriculum.



‘Thank you for coming to our class and showing those amazing photos you took.  I enjoyed looking at the photos and thinking about all the possibilities and questions I would ask the people if I met them in person.’  

Year 6 student


‘Your photos enabled us to express our emotions… thank you with all our energetic hearts.’

Year 6 student


‘A surprising and wonderful visit.’

Year 6 student


‘You made me think more deeply and made me feel lucky.’

Year 6 student



Year 6 Teacher


We believe that Photo Trigger Packs has applications that can be of value in many ways in primary and secondary schools, higher and adult education, care homes, hospices, prisons and other institutions in our society – and in societies around the world.




collection of originals