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Year 9 History group  OAKLANDS SCHOOL, Tower Hamlets, London  4th July 2016


Is he family to the kids?

Is it even his house?

Do they all live together?

Why are two gloomy and one happy?

Are they your grandchildren?

Is the car in the reflection yours?

Why does the man look confused?

Are you playing with the kids?

Why are they waiting outside?

Does he look after those kids?

Are you angry?


I wouldn't let my children play like that.

Are they cold?

Do they know each other?

Is it fun?

Are they playing or exploring?

Why are you wearing shorts?

Where are the tyres from?

Is the elder brother looking after the younger brother?

Why are they playing in the dirt?

What happened?


Where are their parents?

Why arn't there more health and safety measures?

Is the little boy wearing girl's shoes?

Is there a bathtub in the background?

Will they get into trouble?

Are you allowed to be there?

Where are your houses?


It's the East End

Where in  London is it?

Is she sick?

Is she taking drugs?

Is she alone?

Is she poor?

Does she feel safe?

Is this normal?

Does she have pets?

Is she hungry?

Is he happy?

Where's her bed?

Does she have neighbours? Are they nice?

Are there rats?

Is there any attempt to keep things clean?

Is this a normal way of living in London?

Is that her bath?

Do you wash your kitchen equipment in your bath tub?

Someone should help clean the house

Any family?


Is that her whole house?

What is that on the curtain?

Is that mould on the wall?

How old are you?

Why is the woman looking so weird?

Who is she staring at?


She looks unwell. Is she sick? Or is she tough?

How does she get money if she lives alone?

Old clothes.

Is that water clean?

Where is she now?

Are you happy to be living like that?

What's wrong with her?


Do they live there?

Is it cold?

Are they bored?

Is it the only thing they do during the day?

Do they go to school?

Why are they sitting on the floor?

Are they all related?

Where are your parents?

Are they friends?

Are you siblings?

What is the little boy eating?

What card game are you playing?

Where did you get the cards from?

Have they bathed?

Their clothes look worn out/ too big?

His jumper doesn't fit.

His boots are on the wrong feet.

Is it winter?

Does he have education?

Why don't you play indoors?

Don't they have a home or a house?


My mum would smack me if I played like that.

How did you get up there? Was it a willing choice?

Is it fun?

Where do you live?

Are you wearing shoes?

Does she slip?

Where's your mum or dad?

Do you do this often?

Do you only do this or is it a thing to do?

Why is she alone?

Looks dangerous.

Does she know what she is doing is dangerous?

Is that a playground for her?

Is there anyone there?

Where is your family?

Is it a dare?

Where is your mum?

How old is she?

She might fall.


Are you allowed to do that?

Where does she live?

Parental care? Safety regulations?

Why is she running on barrels?

Looks around 7/8 years old.

Houses in background look ruined cold.

This looks dangerous. Does anyone know where she is?

Does she have friends?

Is she used to being alone ? Does she mind?

Does her father work there?

Is this your idea of fun?


How old are you?

Why is one of your eyes covered?

What are you trying to do?

Is it dangerous standing there?

How's family life?

Are you old?

What are you trying to catch?

Does he know that what he is doing is imaginary?

What do you think about the EU?

Why are you fishing in a puddle?

Why are the roads damaged?

If you are a twin where is your sibling?

Have you any friends you would like to fish with?

What do you suppose you will catch in the puddle?

Who are you?

Where is your house?

What's wrong with his eyes?

There is a broken bow.

Cars in the background.

Quiet area - no one around.

Why does he play by himself?

Why is he happy when his home is so muddy dirty poor?

Age 5-6

Looks muddy.

That's a castle in the background.

Scruffy atmoshere.

Why are the roads ruined?

Why are you alone?

Is he hungry?